High Definition Cameras.


 Recording on the highest resolution cameras and angles.  

Up to 8 TB of storage DVR.


 Record and store your footage directly on the DVR so you don't have to lose a single recording with a great hard drive space.   

Hook it up to an alarm system


 For maximum protection you can hook up your CCTV system to your alarm system, if compatible to get the most protection. 

Choose a CCTV for your security needs

View Your Cameras Through the Wi-Fi

 CCTV (Close Circuit Television), allows you to not only monitor through the internet but it also allows you to monitor your secured building or home from anywhere in the world. Keep an eye on your buildings, offices, warehouses and place of business or home. Utilizing this method of security allows you to view what is going on in your office or at home as well as it allows you to save an event. If an incident occurs that needs reviewing. You will be able to view an incident by the touch of a button as well as storing memory for one day up to a few months depending on the size of your hard drive. Ask us how we can expand your DVR’s capacity when you contact us. 

Our packages are designed around our client’s individual needs and budgetary considerations. All the work we provide is performed by our in house employees. Not using any sub contractors to install our systems allows us to cut out the middle man, passing on greater savings to our commercial and residential clients. 



Check out this great video This will show you the difference.