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Access Control

In today’s society, we all need a little more security.

Access Control

How can you protect yourself and your company from unwanted intruders and solicitors

Access Control is the answer.  This system will allow you to monitor who is entering and exiting an office complex, apartment building or any other secured area you want monitored. We can also integrate your CCTV System with your Access Control System for maximum security and surveillance purposes.

Choose a simple one door access control system or a multiply room /area access control system. These systems not only allow you to monitor who in entering a secured area, but you can also monitor times a person enters and exits the area, dates on all activities and it allows you to view the actions on your CCTV cameras.  Each person has their own credentials which can be tracked through this simple system.

There are many different packages we can create for you. When a representative meets with you, we will be able to create an Access Control System that will best serve your needs.

Let a representative answer your important question. We are just a phone call away.



Conference Rooms   

Laundry Room    

Key Fob             

Private Offices  

Bike Room   

Key Pads

Storage Rooms 

Roof Tops   

Electric & Mechanical Keyless Locks

Supply Closet 

Time Secured Areas   

Access Panels


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Able Security Corp. / 10 Kees Place  Suite B / Merrick, NY 11566
1.516.783.0066    1.516.594.8101

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